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Magical Land of legends, full of ancestral reflections and memories pervaded by the Atlantis myth. Sardinia overwhelms and captivates you, body and soul. The Island offers enchanted scenarios and unspoiled places.  Nature shows itself in all its beauty with white beaches framed by exotic dunes and enhanced by the most crystalline sea you can imagine. Sardinia can boosts countless sunny days and endless shades of green and blue within its woods, its sandy bays, and its small and rugged mountains.

Its mild weather makes Sardinia the ideal destination to make your romantic dream come true. Exclusive locations where you will simply feel the perfect balance between luxury and tradition. Outstanding spots where you will live an all-around experience which will involve you and all your senses. You will experience the truly meaning of Sardinia. We will guide you through local excellences, heavenly coasts and lovely hinterland towns and villages, exactly where the heart of this pearl of the Mediterranean beats strongly.

Costa Smeralda

One of the most prestigious and luxury Italian DESTINATIONS. The Costa Smeralda surprises for its magical mix of sea, sun and glam. Impossible to resist. It owes its name to the particular colours of the sea and the chromatic variations of transparent waters that insinuate into a labyrinth of granitic rocks, forming beautiful landscapes. The Costa Smeralda is synonym of dream beaches, secluded bays, and a stunning sea with its gentle shades. Cheerful, colourful and fashionable. This sophisticated location is a real paradise, chosen and attended every summer by aristocratic people, jet-setters and international celebs. Unique area, full of breath-taking natural beauties, ancestral history, authentic culture and culinary traditions. The entire Costa is rich of perfect wedding spots, venues and locations as in the villages of Poltu Quatu, Porto Cervo, San Pantaleo, Porto Rotondo and Baja Sardinia.

Arcipelago La Maddalena

The Maddalena ARCHIPELAGO is a group of islands in the north-east of Sardinia, just off the Costa Smeralda. It is a real marine heaven with over 180 kilometres of coastline bathed by an exceptionally crystalline sea, considered one of the most striking of the entire world. The whole Archipelago and its beaches are included within the national Park of La Maddalena Archipelago. Very popular among boaters, the islands can be admired on board on charming sailing ships. Here you will be able to promise yourselves eternal love in front of a unique panorama in the world. For an unforgettable wedding between crystal clear waters and stunning colours

Wedding on Boat

Marriage is one of the special events of life. Everyone has the desire to make it unique, celebrating in a memorable way. Choosing a Yacht as location for your own wedding is probably one of the most exclusive choices you can make. You can chose among luxury motor Yachts, romantic sailing super Yachts, and a deluxe Caicco Boat. You can spend a full day on board with your guests, celebrating your pre-event party or your reception, enjoying music, refreshments and all around sceneries, and finally sunset over the sea. Another option you can consider is getting married in a beautiful Church on the little Island, and then offer refreshments and entertainment on board. Whatever choice you will make, our team will be there to support you in choosing the best boat, location and solutions for your ideal Boat Wedding, planning and organising every single detail of your special day.


The southern coast of Sardinia distinguishes itself for its pristine landscape. Emerald-green sea, golden sands, granite pebbles and cliffs transform this place into an amazing setting. Villasimius is a unique place in the Mediterranean area: a warm sun, a crystalline turquoise sea, a blooming greenery and white sand beaches everywhere. All these elements make of Villasimius a wild and uncontaminated paradise. It is the ideal destination if you are looking for an unspoiled place and a crystal clear sea to celebrate your dreamy wedding.

Faro Capospartivento

Capo Spartivento is a promontory in the southwest of Sardinia, the eastern boundary of Teulada Gulf. Built in 1866, the Lighthouse of Capo Spartivento is one of the most ancient Lighthouses all over Sardinia. Today it is one of the most prestigious, limited and high-class in the world. It has become a Luxury Guesthouse endowed with 6 suites, enchanting lounge areas and 700 square meters of terraces from which guests can enjoy a breath-taking view of the area. It is the ideal location for an exclusive, elegant and unique weddings. Will yours be the next?


The southwest coast is one of the most surprising places in Sardinia. This is the Sulcis area, the oldest clod in Italy that dates back to 600 million years ago, with its landscape being shaped by the nature and the passing of time. Chia boasts either long white or golden beaches, and jagged cliffs on small coves. Thanks to its century-old traditions, Chia can offer timeless emotions and always new discoveries throughout its genuine food and wines, as well as its artisan and folkloristic customs.

Private Beach

“SANDY TOES AND SALTY KISSES”. A true piece of paradise, just for you. The most exclusive beach in Costa Smeralda is the perfect location for your dreamy Beach Wedding. Its fabulous seasides and the awesome sea colours make it famous all over the world, becoming the Beach Wedding Destination par excellence throughout the Mediterranean.


Su Gologone is the name of an Experience Hotel, a charming shelter located in the heart of Sardinia, representing a proper Barbagia landscape. This is the ideal location for those who wants to discover the most authentic part of the Island with its millennial traditions, unsoiled nature, ancient vineyards perched on the slopes of Supramonte, and finally its quality cuisine. This is a Wedding Experience that will leave the mark!


Sardinia is an Island rich in unspoiled natural settings. We are specialists in organising and creating extraordinary scenes in unconventional locations and amazing natural settings. If this is the kind of marriage you are dream of, contact us | connect with us! We will make you live a unique, exclusive and unforgettable Wedding in Sardinia.

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