Daniela & Carlo
From Sardinia

Special thanks to the person who, with great elegance, professionalism, cleverness and accuracy, has turned our big day into a real fairytale. Sara, you and your staff have left us speechless, creating a magical atmosphere! THANK YOU

Erika & Michele
From Sardinia

Sara and her team are real professionals, they are able to understand your desires and they follow you until the most beautiful day of your life.
My wedding day has been so special thanks to them! Thank you from the bottom of my hearth for your commitment and devotion in taking care of every single detail of our special day.

Rossana & Claudio
From Sardinia

Sara Events means reliability, professionalism, successful events, experience and fascination. She planned for me a simple but elegant wedding, as we had always wanted it to be. Everything was organized to perfection: invitations, party favors, church and restaurant decorations, sugared almond corner, cake table… a dream!

Stefania & Luca
From Sardinia

What can I say…?Just fantastic! I’ve contacted Sara one year before my wedding and I’ve immediately understood she was the right person to satisfy my needs! The result: a fairy tale wedding, as we wanted it to be! Everything was organized to perfection, with a special care and attention! We thank Sara and her staff for their professionalism and for the affection they have shown us before and also after our wedding!

Valeria & Francesco
From Sardinia

Thank you for having transformed our wedding day into an unforgettable party, we are still moved!!!

Roberta & Nicola
From Sardinia

What can I say?… There are no words to describe this wonderful staff. They have made my day a perfect dream, they are able to grant all your wishes! They are very professional and skilled.

Federica & Federico
From Sardinia

We recommend SaraEvents both for its competence and the way they take care of the bride and groom until the most important day of their life, looking after every single aspect of their wedding. Our wedding has been fabulous!

Laura & Michele
From Sardinia

We are very satisfied. I’m sure Sara and her staff will always work with great professionalism, care and congeniality.
They are a great team and their outcome is always extraordinary!

Elena & Fabrizio
From Sardinia

I have put my wedding organization into her hands and I would do it again hundreds of times! She is a real professional! She has immediately understood what I wanted and she has made my wedding a fairy tale! She has looked after every single detail, from the invitations to the party favors, the materials, the colours, the flowers, always respecting my budget. The result has been a wonderful day that I will never forget!

Claudia & Nicolas
From Germany

The wedding we always dreamed. Thank you for having achieved

Julie & Christophe
From Belgium

Professionalism, precision and good taste. Thank you for the wonderful things you have organized for us!

Martina & Luca
From Sardinia

I have met her just once before our wedding. I have calmly decided to let her organize my special day, without interfering. It was her who called me to ask me if everything was ok. Full confidence in you…since the first moment!
Thank you, because everything was perfect and fabulous…and above all amazing!!

Elisabetta & Leandro
From Edinburgh

We don’t live in Italy and we couldn’t follow the preparations in person, and it was real luck for us to put our wedding into Sara’s hands.
Sara has immediately proved her availability, corteousness, flexibility. She has fulfilled our wishes, she has devoted her time to organizing every detail of our wedding. During our meetings, I have never seen her looking what time it was (and the meetings lasted a lot!!) We told her our ideas, above all the magic we wanted to create during our special day…and she realized it!
Sara is a great professional, who works with an extraordinary team made up of skilled people. Her assistants, the photographers, the restaurant, the goldsmith, the bridal ateliers, the musicians.
Words don’t do it justice…but everytime we watch our photos, we feel again the same emotions. For these and many other reasons we suggest everybody to choose Sara.

Laura & Angelo
From Sardinia

Thanks from the bottom of my heart, Sara. You are a special person, not only for the beauty of your decorations, for the professionalism of your staff, for your availability and sweetness, but also because every flower, every single ribbon you put in our house and in the church was full of love. Our dream wouldn’t have come true without you. We love you