Mery & Mario

We thank you for doing an excellent job. It was all magnificent. Thank you so much

Fabrizia & Cesare

Do you remember the fairy godmother of Cinderella? Well, with Sara and her team you can be certain that everything you have always dreamed of can become reality!
The care, attention, advice, love and passion are just some of the qualities that distinguish it. You entrust yourself to her, without knowing it and let her becoming part of your daily life, and you of hers.
Ah, I forgot a great merit: patience, the holy patience she has for us.
The day arrives, that great day we have always dreamed of, and in that whirlwind of emotions there is also the fear that everything that has been conceived and designed in the previous months are about to become real. And they did justice to those projects, because they did so much more than what we had imagined.
From both me and Cesare, we can only thank you, because the love you transmit for your work has made us live a fairy tale.
We owe a special thanks to Martina, who was a spokesperson and a constant presence throughout our organization.

Vera & Michele

Do you remember the adrenaline sensation, that inner shudder that you feel when you want something so much, you design it, you dream it and hope that it would turn out for the best? Vera and I shared this journey step by step with Sara, Alice and the whole team. What we did not expect was the feeling of almost unbelievable happiness that was felt when the dream came true, and it was even more beautiful than ever imagined! INFINITE THANKS for the creativity, the experience, the professionalism that you have shown us in making our wedding day unforgettable. One could never imagine how essential it is to have someone alongside you to who you can entrust that day, so you can just fully enjoy every emotion, with the certainty that there are those who take care of everything impeccably. It would not have been possible without you. A special hug.

Isabel & Massimiliano

For every good fairy tale, it takes a guardian angel … we have found more than one for ours, as Sara and her team have accompanied us with loving attention in all the phases of our perfect day, from the first moments until the fateful “Yes”! … and it was all fantastic, really a perfect “happy ending”! .. thanks to Sara, Martina, Alice and all the collaborators, you have transformed our dream into reality! Fantastic !!! With lots of love, Massimiliano and Isabel

Francesca & Giovanni

Elegance, simplicity, commitment, beauty and romanticism are the five stars that Sara’s team deserves, capable of making your day unique and unforgettable, and not only for you and your husband, which we will keep in our hearts forever, but for all the people who have shared that great joy. I would choose Sara again a thousand times to relive those special emotions in the frame of an elegant countryside created just for us! Thank you

Aurelie & Thomas

Thank you Sara everything was beautiful! It was like a dream!! You and your team did a very good job!

Laura & Stefano

Thanks to Sara and her wonderful team, our dream of getting married in my beautiful island has become a reality. The reality of a magical autumn day, immersed in the traditions, perfumes, colours and flavours that only a land like Sardinia can give. A moving painting created by the expert hands and the artistic inspiration of Sara, brought to life by our love and the affection of our guests.
A heartfelt thanks.
Laura e Stefano

Anna & Corrado

5 stars are few to describe the magic that Sara puts to a long awaited and dreamt of day.
In a very short time she was able to fully understand my every need and desire.
In those days you are afraid of everything, you have so many doubts, but just a call or a message to Sara at any time you could sleep soundly because she found the perfect solution.
What to say, the best I could ever wish for, everything was perfect.
An unforgettable day THANKS to Sara and her team.

Simona & Giovanni

Walking through the streets of Cagliari I came across your window, it was love at first sight. I knew it was destiny to meet you because only a dynamic professional like you would be able to content me with my every desire that, I admit … was not easy at all. We understood each other from the get go, like two old friends and it was fun and exciting to have you by my side on my most beautiful day!

Martina & Matteo

For one of the best days of our life we ​​could not have wished for anything better … Sara and her team were always present but discreet during their priceless work carried out with praiseworthy professionalism. They gave a new image to the chosen location and took care of every little detail during the ceremony and the reception. Thus we had the opportunity to fully enjoy the day, without worrying about anything. A thousand times thank you!

Valeria & Luca

I always thought that if I got married one day I would do it in my beloved island, with its sea of ​​a thousand shades, its colours and its unique scents would have framed our special day with the most important people who have accompanied me in life. And in the end that day really came. I worked in Milan in the world of events and communication and I followed Sara’s wonderful work via social media for a while. I loved her natural talent in interpreting with class and elegance any type of setting. I already knew that it would turn all the images we had in mind into reality. They interpreted our story perfectly. I got excited, I knew she was Super but not exactly how much! I decided to give Sara and her wonderful team carte blanche on everything. It was fun and exciting to discover all the details during the big day. When I visited the church in the morning with my parents, I cried. And our beloved Mistral decided to keep us company from the night before. Sara and her girls have completely overturned the dinner and post-dinner logistics to ensure that the guests did not suffer from the cold and they invented a corner where they placed some wonderful pashminas for all the ladies. The rest was a wonderful party that we will remember forever!

Sara & Leonardo

We had a dream: to get married and celebrate in the beautiful ancient village of Tratalias, dear to us. We shared it with Sara and it became reality exceeding our expectations! In the village we relived the period of that beautiful era with attention to detail of the territory and traditions. Sara and her team have wonderfully accompanied and supported us. Thinking back to that day our eyes sparkle with wonder! Thanks Sara for your professionalism, attention to detail and your smiles!

Francesca & Francesco

Choosing a person who organizes the most important moment of your life is extremely difficult, especially when you live far from home. Sara and her team have been able to realize our dream respecting and emphasizing our tastes and desires, with extraordinary professionalism and discretion, in the most warm and friendly manner! Thanks again for everything.

Grace e Pedro

Sara is Amazing! We live in London and after getting engaged in Marocco I had to organise a wedding in Sardinia!I knew it wasn’t going to be impossible. Sara made everything simple and easy from so far away! Her taste was just getting along with my ideas from the very first day I have met her and her team and so I have trusted her completely! Decorations were stunning and everything was absolutely magical! I definitely recommend her especially for foreigners who wants to live the best day of their lives in the most beautiful Island in Italy! Thanks Sara

Lisa e Daniel

Now that the wedding is over I wanted to thank you again! You are very talented..

Marta e Alberto

For my wedding I wanted everything to be as I had always wished. However, I realised that with my working pace, I would do better to look fora professional help… In this way began this adventure of months of preparation, advice, support and patience that Sara has reserved me from day one! We immediately understood each other, because she’sa very quick learner in grasping your style. Moreover, she has another great resource in hergirls team. Each of them hasher own role andexperience, and I have never felt abandoned. In a nutshell, what to say? It was even better than I could imagine. Thanks!

Marianna e Matteo

Sara, what to say, you are fantastic. I will never stop thanking you. You have fulfilled the whole organization with your flair and maximum discretion. Terrific staff. I wantto maketo youand your staff the best congratulations from all of us!

Tina e Michel

Thank you for all your organization

Francesca e Andrea

We got married on May 28, 2016, and it was all just great! Even today remembering our day there is nothing I would change or do differently. Choosing to be supported by a wedding planner in this path, made of doubts, difficulties and moments of despair, was one of the first decisions we made. We got to know Sara during another ceremony, and we immediately appreciated their professionalism in managing the organisation of the wedding. We were impressed by the elegant decorations , cared in detail with flair and class. We also could fully appreciate Sara and her staff qualities during the organisation of our marriage. It was very important to us to have at our side someone totally in charge of the coordination of everything and everyone on site, able to find solutions to several problems without subvertingour styling choices. We feel to highly recommendSara Events and her staff to all future spouses without the slightest doubt. Being accompanied by a professional as Sara, it is definitely one of the best gifts that you can do to yourself in such an important day …

Silvia e Riccardo

What to say? There are no enough significant words to describe all that Sara and her team has meant to us and created for our most important day. Sara wins youover right away, welcomes you as a dear friend, embraces you from the first moment. She is very nice and advises you in the best possible way. This happened to us. We got to her with quite confused ideas about our marriage style, but she is very good at understanding the coupleneeds, their personalities to realise what actually they want. After just a few wordsshe immediately understood us, and has been able to translate what we had in mind (although at that time we did not know yet!). We got married on a beautiful evening of July, outdoors, facing the sea and in the background the island of San Pietro. Ceremony and reception have been held at the same place. We can’t actually describe the feelings of that day and the atmosphere that greeted us into the location. It was truly enchanted. Everything has been studied in detail: the elegant fittings, classy and of great quality. In a wordit was MAGIC. This word describes our best day, even now we receive many compliments for the organisation and decors. Even today, looking at our wedding pictures we continue to dream. Lastly, we can only say THANKS to Sara and clearly recommend you Sara Events team for the organisation of your wedding. Let yourself be carried away by their magic touch. It will be a beautiful journey culminating in one of the best days of your life, or at least for brides it is! 😉

Sonia e Luigi

We want to thank you for being able to realise our own wedding as we imagined. Guests keep telling us that everything was perfect, dynamic and beautiful. Wecouldnotwish for ourweddingotherwise. We must alsothankyourunforgettablecollaborators, whohavefollowedusdayafterday with a lot of patience and dedication. A big hug

Giada e Carlo

Two important choices I made for this great day: my husband (there is no doubt on this) and you Sara, with your wonderful team. You gave us a dream, you took your love, passion, commitment and devotion. Thanks for everything! I wish you all the best for your life, and I’m living you knowing that I’m very lucky to have met a wonderful person like you. Thanks Sara for everything

Barbara e Andrea

Excellence, passion, art … my husband and I contacted Sara one year before the “fateful day” and we met a woman who immediately won us over for her elegance, straightforwardness, charisma, great enthusiasm and passion for her work! Everything has been studied in detail for a full year and, meeting after meeting, Sara has opened us a world of which we did not imagine even the existence, giving us very valuable advice. Sara has understood our vision since the first time we met our tastes and even before we finished ourselves to imagine a detail, she introduced it there already realised, concrete … so many times my husband and I wondered how she had managed to get inside usup to that point, well knowing what we wanted even before we were able to told her … !!! Sara with her enthusiasm, charisma and patience supported us at all times … she became an ally, a valuable and sincere friend that always wanted only the best for us! Having Sara and her staff on our

Fabiana e Andrea

I firstly noted Sara Events on a social network, and followed her works for mostly two years … until the fateful marriage proposal arrived!!! From our first phone call, I immediately felt pampered. I felt like I have always known  her. Later, I understood how much she loves her job and how she manages to transform dreams into reality !!! Our contact person was Martina and she was always friendly and helpful … Even during the night, no matter which doubt or changing there was, she was there for us! They have been taking care of every single detail: invitations, tableau, party favors, Mass booklets … I totally trusted them … it wasn’t easy to manage a remote marriage … and moreover, if you choose to get married on the beach you can only rely on a true professional !!!Compliments from our guests have confirmed our choice was the right one!!! Thanks for everything!!! We wanted to thank the whole team who handled our wedding in Sardinia. Thanks!

Valentina e Andrea

When I first met Sara, we immediately felt comfortable talking about our needs and desires. The layout of our reception was classy and very appreciated by guests. I highly recommend Sara because I really believe she is the best Wedding Plannerof all Sardinia. Thanks Sara!

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