I always thought that if I got married one day I would do it in my beloved island, with its sea of ​​a thousand shades, its colours and its unique scents would have framed our special day with the most important people who have accompanied me in life. And in the end that day really came. I worked in Milan in the world of events and communication and I followed Sara’s wonderful work via social media for a while. I loved her natural talent in interpreting with class and elegance any type of setting. I already knew that it would turn all the images we had in mind into reality. They interpreted our story perfectly.
I got excited, I knew she was Super but not exactly how much! I decided to give Sara and her wonderful team carte blanche on everything. It was fun and exciting to discover all the details during the big day.
When I visited the church in the morning with my parents, I cried. And our beloved Mistral decided to keep us company from the night before. Sara and her girls have completely overturned the dinner and post-dinner logistics to ensure that the guests did not suffer from the cold and they invented a corner where they placed some wonderful pashminas for all the ladies. The rest was a wonderful party that we will remember forever!