cutting wedding cake by Valeria Mameli

It’s known, a Wedding becomes unique and exclusive by a mix of details that bring the event together like the Invitations, the decor fittings, flower arrangements and… the Wedding Cake. The traditional Italian wedding cakes are defined for its elegance, sobriety and for its refined taste. However, which are our local Couples (and not only) favourite?

Traditional Italian Wedding Cakes: The cake “Italian style”  

The wedding cake tradition began in England back in the XIX century to then travel all over the world and become a custom that few deviate from.  It was only in mid last century that this custom spread in Italy and it was actually our country that went on to specialize in the making of wedding cakes of the highest quality.

Between those traditional from the “Belpaese”, we cannot not mention the classic cake “Italian style”. It is made of several layers of sponge cake soaked in Maraschino liqueur and filled with vanilla and chocolate custard cream (crème patissière). 

italian wedding cake
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On the outside, it is minimal and simple, but its soul is truly elegant.

Not just that, its stage presence is remarkable and the garnish made with cream, flowers or fruit depending on the color theme chosen for the fil rouge of the event. In fact, many Italian couples choose to live up to tradition, offering their guests this type of cake. 

The tiered Wedding Cake on cake stands

Looking at old black and white photos of Italian weddings, the cake cutting moment is the most photographed. The images depict the smiling spouses together behind a multi-tiered cake separated by cake stands.

Another among the most popular traditional Italian wedding cakes is this one; a single large scenographic cake made up of smaller cakes and where the position and number of the stands are at the discretion of the couple. Idea, which Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have taken inspiration from, for their own wedding.

Some prefer it majestic and tall, with cake stands grading from the biggest on the base to the smallest high up. Other couples prefer to keep it contained, keeping the refinement and spectacularity of the Wedding Cake. The composition is also similar to the classic wedding cake where the sponge cake and cream are the basic ingredients. That sweet and refined touch on the palate that just cannot be missing in a “Made in Italy” wedding!

Traditional Italian Wedding Cakes: when inspiration comes from America

In addition to the classic wedding cakes, Italian spouses are attracted to traditional American or Anglo-Saxon cakes.

The American-inspired cake, for example, is very similar to the classic wedding cake; the only difference lies in the outer covering, which in the case of the American cake is made of fondant. The filling, as in the classic cake is in cream and sponge cake.

It is definitely an elegant looking cake that is able to satisfy all tastes and customizations. In fact, this one found the pole position as the most desired cake by spouses who love beauty and luxury.

The Italian couples who choose to celebrate their wedding in a more intimate mood, on the other hand, often opt for the drip cake. A traditional Australian wedding cake, very similar to the American cake in appearance, with the addition of a pour of chocolate or syrup on the sugar paste filling. Perfect for weddings surrounded by nature.

Finally, in an exclusive and refined wedding, nothing is left to chance and even the wedding cake must reflect the personality of the couple and the entire design and decor.

In fact, the cutting of the cake is the moment when the bride and groom greet their guests and start the party, leaving an indelible imprint and emotion in them.

What if the Cake cutting moment becomes a show cooking experience?

The least but not the last the Wedding cake created live. From the MilleFoglie decorated with fruit and the one with chocolate drops and chocolate. A wedding cake to taste first with the eyes and after with the palate. A show cooking surprise capable of leaving all mesmerised, guests and couple included. An unforgettable moment and experience! 

©Valeria Mameli

For Italians the Wedding Menu is a very serious affair. It’s well known that in the Bell Paese you don’t joke when it comes to food, even more when it’s a big event. The Wedding turns into a perfect occasion to present unique and delicious food, typical italian wedding dishes, for your guests’ indulgence. Because the success of a wedding in Italy is also measured – measured mainly actually – by the quality of the food on the menu which your guests will comment on! Don’t worry if you’re not fully up to speed with our traditions, we will guide you through the discovery process of the perfect “Italian Way” wedding menu!

Typical Italian Wedding Menu: all you need to know

Italians eat too much, just like their parties that go on for hours. Is it true? No, italians care the most about good quality food that must be outstanding on the wedding day. Used to home cooked meals, traditional dishes, with mostly local and organic produce, the jewels of each season and region; it is super important that the wedding menu leaves up to their high expectations. The research for the best catering or restaurant takes time and dedication, or a special hand to help, the one of the Wedding Planner.

How many dishes should the menu have? 

It depends. Usually the wedding banquet (before the pandemic) starts with a Welcome cocktail, served standing, that can last up to an hour. The starters can be served standing, in a tasty but informal way, as a buffet organized in varied food islands to allow the guests to move around comfortably without having to queue up to top up their plate.  

On some occasions at the table the guests are served a selection of two or three starters, a First course or a mix of two First courses and after one or two Second courses with a side. If the couple choose meat and fish for their menu, the tastebuds will be reset by serving a refreshing lemon sorbet in between the two courses freeing up some space for what’s yet to come.

The meal comes to an end with a fruit and dessert buffet and in the end, the Wedding Cake. Italian Wedding Banquets cannot be over without coffee, religiously expresso, and a digestive like Mirto, tipical from Sardinia, or a limoncello.

Nowadays we value Tradition, but often proposals have a modern twist, offering to the Party a sense of originality and fun. There won’t be missing the “corners” during the starters where to have freshly baked pizza, or the Gelato cart during the dessert buffet, or even the mini burger “van” always 100%italian meat, served at midnight.

The typical Italian wedding menu: Welcome Drink and Starters

The starters are usually served during the welcome drink, can be placed on tables or served on trays by the Waiters. Expect a mix of typical savoury appetizers, like the big Parmigiano cheese as centerpiece served with walnuts and grapes, Salumi platters and boards with “Prosciutto di Parma”, savoury finger food, mini quiche, savoury tartlets, rustic mozzarelle, vegetable sticks “in pinzimonio” and many bakery treats. 

It can’t miss the corner dedicated to the Italian Aperitif of excellence now renowned worldwide: the Aperol Spritz – Original, super trendy and typically Italian! The Aperol Spritz corner is the area where guests will be served a long drink/ cocktail created by mixing sparkling wine, usually Prosecco, Aperol and a splash of sparkling water, soda or seltz. Fresh, vibrantly coloured and not too strong on alcohol content, it’s the drink of election for Italians.  

The typical Wedding Menu: Firsts

The First courses in Italy are made off pasta or risotto, but may be handmade ravioli, prepared and cooked in many different ways. On some occasions the couple chooses Lasagna, usually prepared in a “Gourmet” version with season vegetables, with fish or with exquisite and light meat “ragùs”.

The typical Wedding Menu: Seconds

The Second course can be of Fish or Meat. Ideally once elected the region of Italy where to host the wedding, get acquainted with the typical local products; Sardinia, Sicily, Puglia are well known for a strong culinary tradition well preserved. For example, Traditional Sardinian Cuisine has a prevalent presence of Lamb, that can be served as a second on this occasion. In many weddings, mainly during summer time, Italians love a good Barbeque, be it fish or meat. 

A Side will always be served with the Second and is prepared with fresh seasonal vegetables or greens, like salads or colourful ratatouille and often roast potatoes.

The typical Wedding Menu: The sweets buffet

In some cases the wedding cake will be served before a buffet of individual sweet treats, typically italian sweet in “mignon” version, or dry fruits, like strawberries or wild berries. It can’t miss the Ice Cream Cart to indulge your guests coming from other corners of the world, or even “WOW” them with the classic Italian confetti table. 

The typical Wedding Menu: The Wedding Cake

If outside Italy the biggest trend when it comes to the Wedding cake is a tiered one, the italian wedding cake is a simpler affair usually made of a single tier sponge cake stuffed with chantilly cream. The cake will then be covered with a ganache, heavy cream or fresh fruits. But we can go off rails with colours, style and ingredients when it comes to The Wedding Cake

Get in touch to organize your incredible destination Wedding in Italy.


Tremezzo, one of the The Top 10 wedding venues in Italy

Italy is the ultimate dream for an unforgettable “Yes, I Do”. It is the destination that with its unique variety of landscapes, art, traditions and culture has always won the hearts of couples from all over the world. But you know, when beauty is so much, the choice can be really difficult … These are afterall, the best wedding places in Italy

10 top wedding venues in Italia

From lakes, to the sea, to the most evocative and fascinating cities, such as Venice. If your desire is to get married in the “Belpaese” you can’t miss my selection of the top 10 wedding venues in Italy.
These are the best places to marry in Italy.

La Cervara

Immersed in the splendid Mediterranean Vegetation overlooking the sea of ​​Portofino, in Liguria, stands this wonderful and exclusive location La Cervara. A former Benedictine Abbey that still smells of authenticity, together with its Italian gardens and sixteenth-century cloister.

Il Borro

If what you are looking for is the perfect fusion between past, present and future, Il Borro in Toscana is the solution. A truthful and  real village surrounded by nature, a medieval village that can be transformed into the perfect setting for an experience to be lived, including exclusive suites, squares, stone alleys and the artisan shops of the past.

Masseria San Domenico

In the heart of Puglia, Masseria San Domenico is the ideal venue to satisfy the request of those who want to experience the Italian spirit on their most beautiful day. A structure that still retains originality, with large spaces, typical of a farm. A 5-star resort surrounded by ancient olive trees and the Apulian nature. Between brackish water swimming pools surrounded by natural rocks, breathtaking sea views, a modern thalassotherapy center, tennis courts and golf courses.

Belmond Cipriani Venezia

Belmond Cipriani Venezia is synonymous with exclusivity and uniqueness. It’s The Luxury Hotel located on Giudecca island, five minutes by private motorboat from Piazza San Marco. A dream setting overlooking the most famous lagoon in the world that will allow you to experience the city like never before.

Faro Capo Spartivento within the top 10 Italy Wedding Venues

And now it’s time to move to the island that can be defined as one of the most precious “pearls” of Italy, Sardinia, and one of the most fascinating venues: Faro Capo Spartivento. A lighthouse turned 5 Star Hotel located within a protected natural area, overlooking the sea. A venue where the watchwords are intimacy and charm. One of the best places to marry in Italy!

Grand Hotel Tremezzo and Villa Sola Cabiati

The Lake is also known to have the power to enchant and recreate a magical atmosphere with a retro taste … And in Italy it is precisely Lake Como that offers the most beautiful locations overlooking the lake. First of all the Grand Hotel Tremezzo and its Villa Sola Cabiati, where the elegance of the Belle Époque together with the renowned Art Nouveau Winter Garden and impeccable service go hand in hand on your most special day.

Villa Cimbrone

In addition to being the jewel of the Amalfi Coast, Villa Cimbrone has always been the symbol of the authenticity of the territory and of hospitality preserved in the original architectural and decorative elements. Those same elements that you can experience and bring to life together with the wonderful gardens that will be transformed for the occasion into your personal ‘window on the sea’.

Petra Segreta

Try to think of “Yes, I do!” in one of the best places in Italy to get married, overlooking the crystalline water of the Costa Smeralda between the intimacy and authenticity of an enchanting place … You are definitely thinking of Petra Segreta. A Relais & Chateaux immersed in the Mediterranean Vegetation of Sardinia, between the unique scent of myrtle, mastic and juniper. A location where it is possible to live an immersive experience, from the arrival and throughout the wedding day.

Castello Odescalchi

Among the most beautiful Renaissance residences in Europe we have the Odescalchi Castle, in Bracciano, a few “steps” from the capital. It is the fairytale venue, the ideal location for a romantic wedding  with a Bride conscious of beauty and refined aesthetics.

Dimora delle Balze

Contemporary design mixed with past Sicilian perfumes and emotions. An historic estate of twenty-five hectares from the 1800s, it is the Dimora delle Balze. If you love authenticity and Sicily, you can only fall in love with a venue like this!

It is one of the best known and most exclusive Italian Wedding destinations. It’s considered one of the magical places of the “Belpaese”. A small “water mirror” in northern Italy that has so much to tell, allowing those who choose it as a venue for the big day to immerse themselves in its centuries-old history, jewel villas and breathtaking views. If you too have decided to give life to your special Lake Como Wedding in Italy, the time has come to discover all of its secrets, attractions and locations from “The Thousand and One Nights”.

Your special wedding in Lake Como for an unforgettable “Yes, I Do!” 

Imagine falling asleep and waking up in the place you’ve always heard and  dreamed of. What you will see when opening your eyes is a unique panorama of its kind. Lake Como is in fact the most requested lake by couples, being them Italian or foreign because of what its shores are able to offer is truly something of rare beauty. A small blue pearl protected by the imposing mountains and surrounded by the luxuriant green of the typical vegetation and rare species of exotic plants.

At Lake Como, the intimate and cosy atmosphere never disappoints. Whether it’s a villa with an Italian garden reflecting in the deep waters or one of the most prestigious hotels in the Lake what you will live and experience are moments of pure serenity, surrounded by the dearest affections, between the chirping of birds and the slow breaking sound of the waves.

Not only that, by choosing to celebrate your special wedding at Lake Como, you can indulge and allow your guests to savor everything that rhymes with Italianness. In addition to the wedding day menu, on the Lake banks there are in fact many starred restaurants, perfect to reach directly by water on a yacht or on an elegant Riva for pre-wedding dinner or brunch the next day.

Lake Como also hides small but wonderful and famous villages such as: Bellagio, Lenno, Cernobbio, Varenna, Tremezzo, Menaggio. Places also chosen by many international celebrities to fulfill their Love Dream.

Here are the 8 most beautiful and exclusive locations for your wedding at Lake Como

From private villas to historic residences to the most exclusive luxury resorts. To select the location of your special Italy wedding at Lake Como you can really find yourself spoiled for choice …

Villa Il Balbiano


It is one of the most requested venues on the lake and, precisely for this reason, it is offered completely and exclusively for the event guaranteeing all its status of intimacy and privacy. The view over the lake is framed by the arches of the garden, the perfect place for a civil and / or symbolic ceremony.

Villa Balbianello

©Touring Club

Rising on a small promontory overlooking the lake, Villa Balbianello is among the most popular wedding venues to date in Lake Como. What makes it unique is its wonderful lakefront arched porch, an ideal location for an unforgettable celebration with astonishing views. 
Inside, you can also say “I do!” with a civil, religious or symbolic ceremony.

Villa d’Este: for your special Lake Como wedding venue


A former royal residence transformed over time into one of the most accredited luxury hotels in Europe, a structure that today is one of the most renowned locations for a dream wedding day at Lake Como. A joint journey into the past with art, culture and nature.

Villa Pizzo

©Villa Pizzo

Between Cernobbio and Moltrasio, surrounded by the bright green of its splendid and luxuriant gardens stands Villa Pizzo. An architectural masterpiece of rare beauty with frescoes and gilded interiors. Its ancient stone pier makes it the perfect location for those who want to arrive by boat.

Villa Serbelloni, the venue for your unforgettable wedding on the lake


It can be said that it is the most important villa-hotel on Lake Como of the last century. Located in the city of Bellaggio, it is also surrounded by the inevitable Italian gardens and Natures’ lush greenery. Not to forget the sumptuous interior areas and wonderful viewpoints.

Villa Passalacqua

A luxurious villa from the past that has remained intact to us, a 5-star luxury venue for those who want to fulfill their Love Dream in a truly unique and exclusive setting. Inside Villa Passalacqua it is also possible to celebrate Protestant and symbolic ceremonies.

Mandarin Oriental

©Casta Diva

Known throughout the world, the Mandarin Oriental is also present on the shores of Lake Como. Its spaces such as the Greenhouse, the lakefront lawn or the amphitheater can be the perfect zones for your special wedding at Lake Como.

A wonderful five-star luxury resort in pure Art Nouveau style, is the Casta Diva, the ideal setting for your wedding day or even an unforgettable dream wedding weekend package.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo

©Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Another enchanting five-star luxury hotel in Art Nouveau style is the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. Famous all over the world for its prestige, its history and its presence of art pieces accompanied by the breathtaking views setting. At the Grand Hotel Tremezzo it is also possible to celebrate an intimate wedding ceremony in the garden.

guest gift sara events

One of the most important personalized elements of a wedding are wedding favors. A very common custom among Italian couples who, however, often find themselves in difficulty when choosing … So what are the most popular Italian wedding favor ideas in the “Belpaese”?

Let’s find out together!

Italian favors: confetti

Whatever object you want to give to your guests in Italy, the box or bag of linen, silk or cotton with your initials embroidered cannot be missing. An odd number of confetti (5) will be placed in the bag, as it is synonymous with indivisibility like marriage. The confetti are made of almonds coated with a white sugar glaze which symbolize fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. The most famous sugared almond par excellence is the Confetto di Sulmona, the town where the oldest confetti factory is.

Italian wedding favor ideas: classic craftsmanship

The question to ask yourself when choosing wedding favors is only one. Give away a precious or design object or something simpler but at the same time useful? Among the most chosen Italian wedding favor ideas are those typical of the craftsmanship of our country.

An example? Capodimonte ceramics and Sicilian majolica. Each of these objects is priceless and having them at home is a real “honor”. But not only that, thanking your guests for their presence at the wedding with a piece of Italian craftsmanship is a gesture of great elegance.

In fact, Made in Italy is always a guarantee. The design of our products is unique and inimitable, which is why this type of favor is often chosen by spouses who love beautiful and exclusive.

The gastronomic favor

Italy is a land full of treasures, from architectural beauties to culinary delicacies. In fact, there are also many foreign couples who choose to celebrate their wedding in our country and who at the same time wish to pay homage to their guests with the fruits of our land.

The perfect Italian wedding favors ideas for an intimate, country-style wedding are food and wine. The extra virgin olive oils are among the most loved, coming from the olive trees of southern and central Italy, as well as wines and liqueurs such as myrtle and limoncello.

Choosing a food and wine favor means appreciating and honoring the territory in which the wedding and its creators are celebrated. Furthermore, it is an original and at the same time useful idea.

Traditional regional plants and objects

For the spouses who are more environmentally and sustainability conscious, donating a small succulent plant or a bonsai as a wedding favor can be the perfect idea. In the same way, the choice can fall on all 0 km products that go beyond gastronomy but are always very useful such as natural soap with Sardinian essential oils of mastic and helichrysum.

Italian wedding favors ideas: solidarity favors

In recent years, the idea of ​​giving solidarity favors to their guests has become increasingly widespread. It is an ethical and well thought out choice that allows the spouses to make even those less fortunate happy on their wedding day.

In Italy there are many charities that offer different creative solutions for the creation of simple but valuable favors. From boxes for sugared almonds, to parchments, to small everyday objects. The causes to be supported are many, from environmental and animal rights to social and medical ones.

Concluding your wedding day with a special gift such as a donation to support a cause you believe in will involve and excite your guests even more.

©Daniele Cherenti
getting married in italy

Getting married in Italy is the Dream of many couples all over the world.   

Italy, in fact, is a role model country for its lifestyle, culture, art, food and the beauty of its territory and landscape. How emotional would it be to host your American guests in a Sardinian beach admiring  the sun reflecting in the crystal clear waters, tasting delicious typical dishes from this italian region and dancing the night away? 
Feels like a Dream, right? 
To make it real you’ll need a few documents though, mandatory documents that aren’t always easy to gain access to. Here is a guide to help you with the bureaucracy leading you to your Wedding Day in Italy and a Dream come true.

Legal documents required for Foreigners

© Daniele Cherenti

The documents needed to get married in Italy can vary based on the couples nationality. There are, though, some common documents required to anyone deciding to celebrate their wedding nel Bel Paese.

Naturally the passport, mandatory document for the Bride, Groom and Witnesses. Other documents will be required in addition but those will depend on the country of origin of the Bride and Groom.

Obtaining these documents can require time, even if these have a short expiry, so it is important to get organized well in advance to have these ready on time. Many of these documents aren’t valid for longer than six months.

Here’s another useful topic you need to know concerning a possible previous wedding: if the bride was previously married, according to the Italian marriage law, the divorce decree must have been issued at least 300 days prior to the celebration date of the second wedding.

Always check that the documents issued have the exact same names written on the passports: pay attention to the spelling and, if for example you have a second name, that it’s fully written correctly.

documents for get married in italy
© David Bastianoni

Getting Married in Italy: the legal documents required for American citizens

If you’re an USA citizen, here are all documents required to get married in Italy. 

  1. Valid American passport
  2. Registry Act: in the USA at your local Italian Consulate (request info, you must book an appointment in advance). The Registry Act can also take place at a Notary Services Office or Court in Italy, but you’ll have added costs to cover for an interpreter, witnesses with mandatorily italian citizenship and government tax fee.   
  3. An original or authenticated copy of birth certificates for both Bride and Groom with Italian translation.
  4. Endorsement of the Birth Certificates, not on the translation;
  5. Certificate of No Impediment (or “Affidavit”), issued in Italy at an American Consulate or Embassy (here you will also need an appointment booked in advance), and legalized at the Prefecture.

In the event of having been married before, you’ll also need:

  1. The final Divorce Decree or Death Certificate of former spouse translated in italian;
  2. Endorsement of the final Divorce Decree document;

Getting Married in Italy: links and useful resources

If you choose to get married in Italy, surely it will be crucial to have someone, as a wedding planner, trustfull that can coordinate all the organizing in land and assist you with the filling in of the documents. 

In the meantime, you can go through various useful links, for example the 

Page of the American Embassy relating to weddings in Italy or the one explaining how to authenticate the documents.

wedding lake of como
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Elopement design on the beach

More and more couples are choosing San Pietro Island in the south of Sardinia as their wedding location, among the streets or the beaches of Carloforte, preferring it to other more exotic places. There are couples originally from Sardinia, but many others come from far away seduced by the romantic and joyous atmosphere.

What better setting than that of the fantastic landscapes, colours and scents of this land favoured by the sun and the sea, to elect it as a place where to celebrate a wedding that seals the love of two people who would like to be eternal?

Island of San Pietro, Carloforte: Why get married here?

The Island of San Pietro has nothing to envy to the so-called Caribbean paradises or the most popular Asian destinations. It is the right place that can harmoniously combine landscape beauty, history and ancient traditions maintained over time, because it is the expression of a strong identity in an environment far from the hustle and bustle of modern nightlife. Discretion and tranquillity are, in fact, the peculiarities that best define this strip of land and that contribute to enhancing the intimacy of a celebration such as a wedding, in perfect harmony and communion with a nature whose pristine beauty seems to be abstracted from reality and tinged with a spiritual halo.

Carloforte: Dream Wedding

Saying “I do!” in such beautiful surroundings awakens strong emotions not only in the spouses, but also in all those who on that unforgettable day are invited to crown the couple. Newlyweds will thus be able to forget the great effort that generally requires the organization of a wedding to fully indulge in the embrace of nature and the charm of romanticism.

Island of San Pietro: Which location to choose?

The wedding celebrated in one of the churches of the town, with unique panoramic views, will acquire an extraordinary spiritual depth that will last throughout the day even when the event will move to a restaurant located in one of the many enchanting locations or in one of the many beaches, among the most beautiful in the world.

In this scenario, it doesn’t take much for even the simplest of weddings to turn into something truly unforgettable, because there is nothing more captivating than crowning your life’s dream on an impalpable, white, sandy shore, nestled between rocks and lapped by a sea so crystalline and colours so postcard beautiful.

What about a walk through the Mediterranean vegetation with its characteristic scents that the wind makes even more intense under a clear sky?

Island of San Pietro: The perfect location for the perfect photo shoot!

The photos taken by the sea or on an overhanging rock, where you can feel the lively presence of the wind that cannot be missing in these places, give the bride and groom an album of splendid memories, even more if the final touch will be a red sunset fire or the presence of a flying queen hawk.

A recommended destination for lovers of sunsets over the sea is the Belvedere of Capo Sandalo, which in addition to the lighthouse opens onto Becco bay, on the small Corno island and the open sea. Other ideas for magnificent photos? To the south of the island, Le Colonne, two natural stacks that have become a symbol of Carloforte, will be one of the most loved photographic shots of the couple to capture their love.

The Girin beach, sheltered from the wind and with the beaches of fine white sand, the crystal clear waters of an intense turquoise colour and the scent of pine trees, constitutes the ideal location for a wedding you want to live entirely outdoors.

A wedding in Carloforte: Which details?

Even the decor should favour typical elements of this unique island – ceramics with blue decorations and yellow tips, flowers, olive branches and lemons – will only make the whole picture more magical.

Organizing a wedding like this may not seem easy, but valid wedding planners will certainly know how to help the couple to make their wedding dreams come true.

Costa Smeralda_destination wedding

The story of Charlotte and Mark makes you dream. Young, beautiful and both athletes and high-level show jumping champions for Ireland and Sweden, they have an infinite love for horses, their passion. They chose Sardinia and a sunny August for their splendid wedding weekend, completely made in Italy!

In just 5 months I planned and organized three days of celebration for them and studied three different designs, one for each day. I researched the locations that could adapt to the type of project I had in mind for them and selected each supplier. After extensive research, I finally found what seemed most suitable to their needs. A location where you can have a Mediterranean welcome dinner and where you can admire the most beautiful sunset in the north of the island and two private villas set in two pearls of the Costa Smeralda: Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo. Here I decided to organize the wedding and Sunday brunch the following day.

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Welcome dinner Mediterranean style in Sardinia

For the welcome dinner, all the design was inspired by the location and the surrounding nature, for a perfect Mediterranean style! I used natural materials, such as raffia, traditional Sardinian hand-made rattan baskets full of fragrant Mediterranean scrub (myrtle, mastic) resting on Sardinian handicraft placemats, crock jars with rosemary, thyme, sage and many many candles. I chose to place them both on the tables, placed in glass jam jars, and finally, lots of fairy lights. After dinner the party continued in the garden overlooking the rocks, the sea, the moon and a spectacular landscape did the rest.

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A refined Wedding in Sardinia

The wedding design had a completely different appearance, very elegant, refined, albeit as simple as the bride, to better reflect the personality of the protagonists. The newlyweds made their entrance with music far from formal, in the air it lightened love, joy, intimacy and the affection of many friends who came from all over the world to celebrate them!

A white cart full of flowers built especially for their small baby preceded the bride, accompanied by her father. It was a really exciting moment! The bride and groom exchanged rings under a roof adorned with white and green flowers and, at the end of the ceremony, a shower of petals accompanied them to the area dedicated to the Italian aperitif, naturally overlooking the sea. The anticipation for the sunset was enjoyed by the best Italian prosecco. The dinner continued on a splendid terrace with the most beautiful view of the sea in Porto Rotondo.

The wedding party took place in another area of ​​the villa, a garden with swimming pool that still overlooked the sea. The band, who arrived from Paris for the occasion, involved the guests until late with lots of dancing and fun.

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The Sunday Brunch

The brunch was set in a splendid villa with a private beach in Porto Cervo. The inspiration was that of the Food Market with themed food stations dedicated to excellent Italian food. The various stations consisted of bar counters, old barrels, reels and wooden tables, pergolas with raffia curtains and many handwritten blackboards with descriptions of the menu.

Each station was dedicated to a specialty. Pasta and pizza have been greatly appreciated, but there are also stations dedicated to desserts, salads, cheeses, local cold meat cuts. The Sebadas, a typical Sardinian dessert, fried on the spot for the guests, and the coffee and cappuccino bar, featuring orange juice with ice, an inevitable must for foreign brunches! But several guests also opted for a spritz, to be enjoyed on the beach under an umbrella to wait again for the sun to set….

In short, a wedding weekend where nothing has been left to chance, the guests have been enthusiastic and will soon return to Sardinia … another mission accomplished!

Have a look at all the photos of a wedding weekend in Costa Smeralda!

Rustic Wedding_south sardinia

Are you thinking about celebrating your wedding in Sardinia? This pearl of the Mediterranean will give you breathtaking scenery and unforgettable locations.

Here are our top 10 places in Sardinia:

1. Island of San Pietro: Dream location

One of the most beautiful locations for a wedding is the island of San Pietro. This small strip of land is located in the south-western part of Sardinia, facing the Sulcis coast. The landscape characterized by high and jagged cliffs, the Mediterranean vegetation with its aromas, even more recognizable in summer, and the cobalt blue of the sea will leave you mesmerized. What else to say? A more memorable location than this will not be easy to find elsewhere.

2. Villasimius: For a Beach wedding

If you want to get married in the open air, perhaps barefoot, with the waves of the sea as a soundtrack, you can have your dream come true by having a beach wedding. The advice is to choose for the celebration in the late afternoon to avoid the hottest hours of the day. If you add romantic lights in the evening, you will find yourself immersed in a dream atmosphere. Which beach to choose? The beaches of Villasimius, in the south east of the island, are undoubtedly among the most beautiful in Sardinia.

3. Porto Cervo: Between country and chic

The north-eastern part of Sardinia boasts one of its most glamorous destinations: Porto Cervo. It is an exclusive seaside village embellished with authentic natural beauty. In addition to being the heart of the nightlife, it is the ideal location for chic weddings, with a touch of country style.

4. Santa Margherita – Pula: Paradise

Santa Margherita is another pearl of southern Sardinia. It stands on one of the most beautiful coasts of the island a few tens of kilometres from Cagliari. The hotels are not far from the sea and are well suited as a location for weddings that make you dream.

5. La Maddalena: The expert’s choice

For a bucolic and at the same time elegant wedding you can choose the archipelago of La Maddalena, with its breathtaking views where the granites alternate with porphyry, the rockiness stretches to the coves, the coves to the beaches. Getting married on a cliff will give that extra touch to your wedding.

6. Oliena: Rustic Wedding

If you love barren landscapes, the surroundings of Oliena are the perfect location. Oliena is a small village in Barbagia in the centre of Sardinia. Here you can give life to your rustic wedding, playing with the flavours and warm colours of that land for a striking green setting.

7. Medieval Village of Tratalias: Vintage Wedding

Tratalias is a village in the Sulcitano area, which maintains the charm of its millenary history intact. Precisely for this reason, it is an excellent location for a vintage wedding to be celebrated in the open air with soft lights as soon as the sun goes down, pastel-coloured wildflowers and wood as the dominant element.

8. Capo Spartivento Lighthouse Tower: Romantic Wedding

For incurable romantics there is no better place than a lighthouse to celebrate one of the most significant days of one’s life. Your dreams will come to life at the Capo Spartivento lighthouse, in the south-western part of Sardinia.

9. Porto Rotondo: Open Air Wedding Dream

Another highlight of Gallura together with Porto Cervo is Porto Rotondo, which for its wonderful beaches, its exclusive clubs and social life is one of the most sought-after locations for an outdoor wedding.

10. Sardinia: A Villa Wedding

In Sardinia you can organize your wedding in beautiful private villas overlooking the beach. If you love refined contexts, but basically you have a Spartan soul, this choice will be well chosen. Not to mention the children who will have a lot of fun playing on the shoreline.

Su Gologone_luxury wedding

Sardinia… sun, sea and fairytale landscapes! Yes, Sardinia is a dream destination for its beauties, a unique cultural heritage and many traditions that have been preserved over time, thanks to the pride of its people and the pride of identifying themselves in this land.

Sardinia, however, is not only synonymous with holidays and summer, but it can also be the ideal destination for a winter wedding. Shake the wedding tradition of only celebrating during the seasons considered hot (also because there are no longer the so-called half seasons), during the colder seasons you can say “Yes”!

Why choose Sardinia for a Winter wedding?

For weddings celebrated in winter you can play with details, creating a unique and suggestive atmosphere. In fact, there are several elements belonging to the winter theme that can be used for the preparation of your wedding. From woody materials to warm lights you will have many interesting ideas to work on!


Succulents? Why not use them for floral decorations. Ever green for the set-ups, will give a warm tone to the rooms and can be given to guests (no waste).

To make the most of the daylight hours, the ideal is to get married in the morning and celebrate with lunch.

Destination wedding: Best location?

There are many locations, from the coast to the indispensable sea inland, which will be green during the cold season, which is rather rare in the summer when it is dry and yellow. You can also enjoy the exclusivity of certain places that will be just for you, such as the beaches not crowded by summer tourists.

Also are you Sardinian? Or, do you have origins related to this wonderful land?

It is important because based on your origins you can make a targeted choice, for example linked to the places of your childhood. Maybe you have a place of the heart or you want to seal your love pact in the church of parents or grandparents.

Whether you are Sardinian or not, of course, the main aspect is that you choose a place that you like and that excites you, a place that respects your tastes and that puts you at ease. In this regard, you can consult the online sites, and call the facilities to make appointments. If you live outside the region, concentrate them during the days of stay on the island to optimize visits. Plan in advance, even if during the winter season you will have less problems finding availability for the location and the photographer (so many advantages for this season!).

Given the lower temperatures, the choice must be directed towards indoor locations.

Sardinian Treats

At the end of the celebration of your wedding it will be a pleasure to offer the guests the characteristic Sardinian treats, true local specialties that can delight the eyes and not only the palate. Made up of basic, simple but decisive, aromatic and nutritious ingredients such as honey, icing, dried fruit (especially almonds), candied fruit, citrus fruits and cheese.

Certain types of desserts are characterized by handmade decorations, very different and unique in their kind.

Interesting fact: in Sardinian tradition it is often the mother-in-law who gives the sweet treats to the bride (as in Oliena, where she is called “turta ‘e sa socra”); The protagonists are women: sweets for births and weddings are never the competence of men. In addition, these sweets always have a symbolic value: they are white for the purity of the bride and must absolutely not be broken.

The art of Sardinian fabric

The bride should choose the dress that best represents her, always considering the fact that you will celebrate your wedding in winter. As the sun could be there, it could also rain, so opt for a dress with sleeves and you will also need a jacket or a stole to shelter the lower temperatures.

Getting married in Sardinian land you can choose some gems of Sardinian textile craftsmanship such as the embroidery of Oliena, characterized by the “Teulada stitch” which got its name from the “knot” technique used in the sulcis-iglesiente area.

Enjoy your winter wedding in Sardinia!