Each event is the fulfilment of a dream. Every dream is unique. Sara designs yours meticulously, listening to your needs, requests and vision, making true something you could just imagine.

The reality I am leaving is made of your dreams coming true.


Born in 1979 in south Sardinia, Sara began her career in the family business, without ever interrupting her creative path and cultivating her artistic skills inherited from her mother. Having achieved her technical studies and a degree at the University of Cagliari (Sardinia, Italy), she decided to bet on herself and on her attitude. Combining a natural talent and a true passion for styling, décor and design, with her planning expertise, Sara decided to finally entering the world of events.

Logic will get you from A to B.
Imagination will take you everywhere.
(Albert Einstein)

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Live with passion. Dream big and bigger!


Gathering your essence made of style, interests, and personality and portraying it in a unique and authentic experience, where the details will be the reflection of your aesthetic and your distinctive vision of life.

Tell your story by expressing your love in every single detail!

Key to Success

Sara’s key to success is the empathy, that is the very deep understanding she manages to create between herself and her customers. Romantic and dreamy by nature, she lives the fulfilment of the event as the making true of a dream. She lives and portraits those of her customers with the same joy and care she pours into hers. She tends to every details in an impeccable way, creating a perfect symphony of colours and feelings that nourish the soul, fill the eyes exceeding her customers’ expectations every time.

Sometimes words are not enough, and then you need colours, notes,  scents and feelings …

Get Inspire

Inspired by the spectacular surrounding landscapes, the hospitality of an uncontaminated and welcoming land, the Italian style, the excellent handmade creations, and finally by the artistic environment she could experience since she were a very young girl, thanks to her mother.

There is no better view than what you see with the eyes of a loved one
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