Traditional Italian Wedding Cakes: Our Couples favourites old and new!

11 November 2023
cutting wedding cake by Valeria Mameli

It’s known, a Wedding becomes unique and exclusive by a mix of details that bring the event together like the Invitations, the decor fittings, flower arrangements and… the Wedding Cake. The traditional Italian wedding cakes are defined for its elegance, sobriety and for its refined taste. However, which are our local Couples (and not only) favourite?

Traditional Italian Wedding Cakes: The cake “Italian style”  

The wedding cake tradition began in England back in the XIX century to then travel all over the world and become a custom that few deviate from.  It was only in mid last century that this custom spread in Italy and it was actually our country that went on to specialize in the making of wedding cakes of the highest quality.

Between those traditional from the “Belpaese”, we cannot not mention the classic cake “Italian style”. It is made of several layers of sponge cake soaked in Maraschino liqueur and filled with vanilla and chocolate custard cream (crème patissière). 

italian wedding cake
© Sara Events

On the outside, it is minimal and simple, but its soul is truly elegant.

Not just that, its stage presence is remarkable and the garnish made with cream, flowers or fruit depending on the color theme chosen for the fil rouge of the event. In fact, many Italian couples choose to live up to tradition, offering their guests this type of cake. 

The tiered Wedding Cake on cake stands

Looking at old black and white photos of Italian weddings, the cake cutting moment is the most photographed. The images depict the smiling spouses together behind a multi-tiered cake separated by cake stands.

Another among the most popular traditional Italian wedding cakes is this one; a single large scenographic cake made up of smaller cakes and where the position and number of the stands are at the discretion of the couple. Idea, which Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have taken inspiration from, for their own wedding.

Some prefer it majestic and tall, with cake stands grading from the biggest on the base to the smallest high up. Other couples prefer to keep it contained, keeping the refinement and spectacularity of the Wedding Cake. The composition is also similar to the classic wedding cake where the sponge cake and cream are the basic ingredients. That sweet and refined touch on the palate that just cannot be missing in a “Made in Italy” wedding!

Traditional Italian Wedding Cakes: when inspiration comes from America

In addition to the classic wedding cakes, Italian spouses are attracted to traditional American or Anglo-Saxon cakes.

The American-inspired cake, for example, is very similar to the classic wedding cake; the only difference lies in the outer covering, which in the case of the American cake is made of fondant. The filling, as in the classic cake is in cream and sponge cake.

It is definitely an elegant looking cake that is able to satisfy all tastes and customizations. In fact, this one found the pole position as the most desired cake by spouses who love beauty and luxury.

The Italian couples who choose to celebrate their wedding in a more intimate mood, on the other hand, often opt for the drip cake. A traditional Australian wedding cake, very similar to the American cake in appearance, with the addition of a pour of chocolate or syrup on the sugar paste filling. Perfect for weddings surrounded by nature.

Finally, in an exclusive and refined wedding, nothing is left to chance and even the wedding cake must reflect the personality of the couple and the entire design and decor.

In fact, the cutting of the cake is the moment when the bride and groom greet their guests and start the party, leaving an indelible imprint and emotion in them.

What if the Cake cutting moment becomes a show cooking experience?

The least but not the last the Wedding cake created live. From the MilleFoglie decorated with fruit and the one with chocolate drops and chocolate. A wedding cake to taste first with the eyes and after with the palate. A show cooking surprise capable of leaving all mesmerised, guests and couple included. An unforgettable moment and experience! 

©Valeria Mameli