Italian wedding favors ideas: the best proposals for your wedding

13 March 2021
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One of the most important personalized elements of a wedding are wedding favors. A very common custom among Italian couples who, however, often find themselves in difficulty when choosing … So what are the most popular Italian wedding favor ideas in the “Belpaese”?

Let’s find out together!

Italian favors: confetti

Whatever object you want to give to your guests in Italy, the box or bag of linen, silk or cotton with your initials embroidered cannot be missing. An odd number of confetti (5) will be placed in the bag, as it is synonymous with indivisibility like marriage. The confetti are made of almonds coated with a white sugar glaze which symbolize fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness. The most famous sugared almond par excellence is the Confetto di Sulmona, the town where the oldest confetti factory is.

Italian wedding favor ideas: classic craftsmanship

The question to ask yourself when choosing wedding favors is only one. Give away a precious or design object or something simpler but at the same time useful? Among the most chosen Italian wedding favor ideas are those typical of the craftsmanship of our country.

An example? Capodimonte ceramics and Sicilian majolica. Each of these objects is priceless and having them at home is a real “honor”. But not only that, thanking your guests for their presence at the wedding with a piece of Italian craftsmanship is a gesture of great elegance.

In fact, Made in Italy is always a guarantee. The design of our products is unique and inimitable, which is why this type of favor is often chosen by spouses who love beautiful and exclusive.

The gastronomic favor

Italy is a land full of treasures, from architectural beauties to culinary delicacies. In fact, there are also many foreign couples who choose to celebrate their wedding in our country and who at the same time wish to pay homage to their guests with the fruits of our land.

The perfect Italian wedding favors ideas for an intimate, country-style wedding are food and wine. The extra virgin olive oils are among the most loved, coming from the olive trees of southern and central Italy, as well as wines and liqueurs such as myrtle and limoncello.

Choosing a food and wine favor means appreciating and honoring the territory in which the wedding and its creators are celebrated. Furthermore, it is an original and at the same time useful idea.

Traditional regional plants and objects

For the spouses who are more environmentally and sustainability conscious, donating a small succulent plant or a bonsai as a wedding favor can be the perfect idea. In the same way, the choice can fall on all 0 km products that go beyond gastronomy but are always very useful such as natural soap with Sardinian essential oils of mastic and helichrysum.

Italian wedding favors ideas: solidarity favors

In recent years, the idea of ​​giving solidarity favors to their guests has become increasingly widespread. It is an ethical and well thought out choice that allows the spouses to make even those less fortunate happy on their wedding day.

In Italy there are many charities that offer different creative solutions for the creation of simple but valuable favors. From boxes for sugared almonds, to parchments, to small everyday objects. The causes to be supported are many, from environmental and animal rights to social and medical ones.

Concluding your wedding day with a special gift such as a donation to support a cause you believe in will involve and excite your guests even more.

©Daniele Cherenti