Wedding Weekend in Costa Smeralda

26 May 2020
Costa Smeralda_destination wedding

The story of Charlotte and Mark makes you dream. Young, beautiful and both athletes and high-level show jumping champions for Ireland and Sweden, they have an infinite love for horses, their passion. They chose Sardinia and a sunny August for their splendid wedding weekend, completely made in Italy!

In just 5 months I planned and organized three days of celebration for them and studied three different designs, one for each day. I researched the locations that could adapt to the type of project I had in mind for them and selected each supplier. After extensive research, I finally found what seemed most suitable to their needs. A location where you can have a Mediterranean welcome dinner and where you can admire the most beautiful sunset in the north of the island and two private villas set in two pearls of the Costa Smeralda: Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo. Here I decided to organize the wedding and Sunday brunch the following day.

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Welcome dinner Mediterranean style in Sardinia

For the welcome dinner, all the design was inspired by the location and the surrounding nature, for a perfect Mediterranean style! I used natural materials, such as raffia, traditional Sardinian hand-made rattan baskets full of fragrant Mediterranean scrub (myrtle, mastic) resting on Sardinian handicraft placemats, crock jars with rosemary, thyme, sage and many many candles. I chose to place them both on the tables, placed in glass jam jars, and finally, lots of fairy lights. After dinner the party continued in the garden overlooking the rocks, the sea, the moon and a spectacular landscape did the rest.

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A refined Wedding in Sardinia

The wedding design had a completely different appearance, very elegant, refined, albeit as simple as the bride, to better reflect the personality of the protagonists. The newlyweds made their entrance with music far from formal, in the air it lightened love, joy, intimacy and the affection of many friends who came from all over the world to celebrate them!

A white cart full of flowers built especially for their small baby preceded the bride, accompanied by her father. It was a really exciting moment! The bride and groom exchanged rings under a roof adorned with white and green flowers and, at the end of the ceremony, a shower of petals accompanied them to the area dedicated to the Italian aperitif, naturally overlooking the sea. The anticipation for the sunset was enjoyed by the best Italian prosecco. The dinner continued on a splendid terrace with the most beautiful view of the sea in Porto Rotondo.

The wedding party took place in another area of ​​the villa, a garden with swimming pool that still overlooked the sea. The band, who arrived from Paris for the occasion, involved the guests until late with lots of dancing and fun.

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The Sunday Brunch

The brunch was set in a splendid villa with a private beach in Porto Cervo. The inspiration was that of the Food Market with themed food stations dedicated to excellent Italian food. The various stations consisted of bar counters, old barrels, reels and wooden tables, pergolas with raffia curtains and many handwritten blackboards with descriptions of the menu.

Each station was dedicated to a specialty. Pasta and pizza have been greatly appreciated, but there are also stations dedicated to desserts, salads, cheeses, local cold meat cuts. The Sebadas, a typical Sardinian dessert, fried on the spot for the guests, and the coffee and cappuccino bar, featuring orange juice with ice, an inevitable must for foreign brunches! But several guests also opted for a spritz, to be enjoyed on the beach under an umbrella to wait again for the sun to set….

In short, a wedding weekend where nothing has been left to chance, the guests have been enthusiastic and will soon return to Sardinia … another mission accomplished!

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