A Destination Wedding in Sardinia? Yes! Even in the winter!

26 May 2020
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Sardinia… sun, sea and fairytale landscapes! Yes, Sardinia is a dream destination for its beauties, a unique cultural heritage and many traditions that have been preserved over time, thanks to the pride of its people and the pride of identifying themselves in this land.

Sardinia, however, is not only synonymous with holidays and summer, but it can also be the ideal destination for a winter wedding. Shake the wedding tradition of only celebrating during the seasons considered hot (also because there are no longer the so-called half seasons), during the colder seasons you can say “Yes”!

Why choose Sardinia for a Winter wedding?

For weddings celebrated in winter you can play with details, creating a unique and suggestive atmosphere. In fact, there are several elements belonging to the winter theme that can be used for the preparation of your wedding. From woody materials to warm lights you will have many interesting ideas to work on!


Succulents? Why not use them for floral decorations. Ever green for the set-ups, will give a warm tone to the rooms and can be given to guests (no waste).

To make the most of the daylight hours, the ideal is to get married in the morning and celebrate with lunch.

Destination wedding: Best location?

There are many locations, from the coast to the indispensable sea inland, which will be green during the cold season, which is rather rare in the summer when it is dry and yellow. You can also enjoy the exclusivity of certain places that will be just for you, such as the beaches not crowded by summer tourists.

Also are you Sardinian? Or, do you have origins related to this wonderful land?

It is important because based on your origins you can make a targeted choice, for example linked to the places of your childhood. Maybe you have a place of the heart or you want to seal your love pact in the church of parents or grandparents.

Whether you are Sardinian or not, of course, the main aspect is that you choose a place that you like and that excites you, a place that respects your tastes and that puts you at ease. In this regard, you can consult the online sites, and call the facilities to make appointments. If you live outside the region, concentrate them during the days of stay on the island to optimize visits. Plan in advance, even if during the winter season you will have less problems finding availability for the location and the photographer (so many advantages for this season!).

Given the lower temperatures, the choice must be directed towards indoor locations.

Sardinian Treats

At the end of the celebration of your wedding it will be a pleasure to offer the guests the characteristic Sardinian treats, true local specialties that can delight the eyes and not only the palate. Made up of basic, simple but decisive, aromatic and nutritious ingredients such as honey, icing, dried fruit (especially almonds), candied fruit, citrus fruits and cheese.

Certain types of desserts are characterized by handmade decorations, very different and unique in their kind.

Interesting fact: in Sardinian tradition it is often the mother-in-law who gives the sweet treats to the bride (as in Oliena, where she is called “turta ‘e sa socra”); The protagonists are women: sweets for births and weddings are never the competence of men. In addition, these sweets always have a symbolic value: they are white for the purity of the bride and must absolutely not be broken.

The art of Sardinian fabric

The bride should choose the dress that best represents her, always considering the fact that you will celebrate your wedding in winter. As the sun could be there, it could also rain, so opt for a dress with sleeves and you will also need a jacket or a stole to shelter the lower temperatures.

Getting married in Sardinian land you can choose some gems of Sardinian textile craftsmanship such as the embroidery of Oliena, characterized by the “Teulada stitch” which got its name from the “knot” technique used in the sulcis-iglesiente area.

Enjoy your winter wedding in Sardinia!