A Cover Wedding in Carloforte, the Caribbean of Southern Italy

26 May 2020
Elopement design on the beach

More and more couples are choosing San Pietro Island in the south of Sardinia as their wedding location, among the streets or the beaches of Carloforte, preferring it to other more exotic places. There are couples originally from Sardinia, but many others come from far away seduced by the romantic and joyous atmosphere.

What better setting than that of the fantastic landscapes, colours and scents of this land favoured by the sun and the sea, to elect it as a place where to celebrate a wedding that seals the love of two people who would like to be eternal?

Island of San Pietro, Carloforte: Why get married here?

The Island of San Pietro has nothing to envy to the so-called Caribbean paradises or the most popular Asian destinations. It is the right place that can harmoniously combine landscape beauty, history and ancient traditions maintained over time, because it is the expression of a strong identity in an environment far from the hustle and bustle of modern nightlife. Discretion and tranquillity are, in fact, the peculiarities that best define this strip of land and that contribute to enhancing the intimacy of a celebration such as a wedding, in perfect harmony and communion with a nature whose pristine beauty seems to be abstracted from reality and tinged with a spiritual halo.

Carloforte: Dream Wedding

Saying “I do!” in such beautiful surroundings awakens strong emotions not only in the spouses, but also in all those who on that unforgettable day are invited to crown the couple. Newlyweds will thus be able to forget the great effort that generally requires the organization of a wedding to fully indulge in the embrace of nature and the charm of romanticism.

Island of San Pietro: Which location to choose?

The wedding celebrated in one of the churches of the town, with unique panoramic views, will acquire an extraordinary spiritual depth that will last throughout the day even when the event will move to a restaurant located in one of the many enchanting locations or in one of the many beaches, among the most beautiful in the world.

In this scenario, it doesn’t take much for even the simplest of weddings to turn into something truly unforgettable, because there is nothing more captivating than crowning your life’s dream on an impalpable, white, sandy shore, nestled between rocks and lapped by a sea so crystalline and colours so postcard beautiful.

What about a walk through the Mediterranean vegetation with its characteristic scents that the wind makes even more intense under a clear sky?

Island of San Pietro: The perfect location for the perfect photo shoot!

The photos taken by the sea or on an overhanging rock, where you can feel the lively presence of the wind that cannot be missing in these places, give the bride and groom an album of splendid memories, even more if the final touch will be a red sunset fire or the presence of a flying queen hawk.

A recommended destination for lovers of sunsets over the sea is the Belvedere of Capo Sandalo, which in addition to the lighthouse opens onto Becco bay, on the small Corno island and the open sea. Other ideas for magnificent photos? To the south of the island, Le Colonne, two natural stacks that have become a symbol of Carloforte, will be one of the most loved photographic shots of the couple to capture their love.

The Girin beach, sheltered from the wind and with the beaches of fine white sand, the crystal clear waters of an intense turquoise colour and the scent of pine trees, constitutes the ideal location for a wedding you want to live entirely outdoors.

A wedding in Carloforte: Which details?

Even the decor should favour typical elements of this unique island – ceramics with blue decorations and yellow tips, flowers, olive branches and lemons – will only make the whole picture more magical.

Organizing a wedding like this may not seem easy, but valid wedding planners will certainly know how to help the couple to make their wedding dreams come true.